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Pet Lovers
At Shopit Bazar, we understand the joy and happiness that furry friends bring to our lives. That's why we've curated a selection of premium products that cater to every aspect of pet ownership, ensuring both you and your beloved companion have a fulfilling and enjoyable journey together.

Explore our comprehensive range of pet accessories, designed with utmost care and consideration for your pet's comfort, style, and safety. From stylish and durable collars and leashes to cozy and luxurious beds, we have everything your pet needs to look and feel their best.

Discover our assortment of high-quality toys that are sure to keep your furry friend entertained and mentally stimulated. Whether it's interactive puzzles, plush squeaky toys, or durable chew toys, our collection has something for every pet's playtime preferences.

Take a look at our carefully selected grooming and hygiene products, because we believe that a happy pet is a clean and healthy pet. From gentle shampoos and conditioners to brushes and nail clippers, our range of grooming essentials will help you keep your pet looking and feeling their absolute best.

For the fashion-forward pet parents, we offer a stylish array of pet apparel that combines comfort and fashion effortlessly. From adorable sweaters and coats to cute and trendy accessories, your pet will be the talk of the town wherever they go.

At Shopit Bazar, we value the bond between you and your pet, and that's why we strive to provide exceptional customer service and high-quality products that meet your pet's unique needs. We understand that every pet is special, and our goal is to enhance the beautiful connection you share with your furry family member.

So, whether you're looking to spoil your four-legged friend with the latest fashion trends, create a safe and cozy space for them, or simply find the perfect gift for a fellow pet lover, Pet Lovers is your one-stop shop. Join us in celebrating the incredible love and joy that pets bring into our lives by exploring our new collection today!
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  • Pressurized Shower Head Turbine Shower

    Pressurized Shower Head Turbine Shower Accessories One Piece Water Stop [Relaxation time]Rotating shower head take a deep breath and...

    Regular price Rs.2,999.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,999.00 PKR Regular price

  • Pack of 2 LEASH+ COLLAR leather -Black

    Pack of 2 LEASH+ COLLAR leather -Black pack of 2 leather leash + leather spike collar limited bundle...

    Regular price Rs.2,499.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,499.00 PKR Regular price

  • Cat Litter Tray with Scoop

    PawComfortm Cat Litter Tray with Scoop PINK, BLUE & PURPLE Made from pure PP Size: Length: 15 inches,...

    Regular price Rs.1,999.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.1,999.00 PKR Regular price

  • Large Dog Reflective Braided Rope

    Large Dog Reflective Braided Rope Durable Large Dog Leash Walking Big Dog Collar Strengthen Traction Harness Round Nylon...

    Regular price Rs.2,200.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,200.00 PKR Regular price

  • Foldable Pet Tent

    Foldable Pet Tent Dog Cage Folding Sun Kitten beach Black Light FOLDABLE DESIGN: This cave pet bed features...

    Regular price Rs.2,999.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.2,999.00 PKR Regular price

  • Lightweight Cat House Pet Hammock Swing

    Lightweight Cat House Pet Hammock Swing Cat Sleeping And Entertaining Nest Very Soft And Comfortable For Small Animal...

    Regular price Rs.4,499.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.4,499.00 PKR Regular price

  • Velvet Cat Bed Soft Pet Houses

    Fabric : Velvet & Cotton Color Combination : 2 Colors Size : 56x56 CM Shape : Round Qualities...

    Regular price Rs.3,600.00 PKR
    Sale price Rs.3,600.00 PKR Regular price Rs.4,300.00 PKR